5 Types of Girls in my Facebook – Facebook Girls

5  Types of Girls in my Facebook

         Today everybody using Facebook without any hesitation and fear. From little kid to older one are fond of Facebook. Because it is completely free for use. No doubt Facebook is world of friends. But all friends of Facebook are not real. According to my observation there are lot fake friends on Facebook, i mean fake account creators. India holds 1st rank in Facebook users. Majority of Facebook users are between 18-25 years old. As compared to men, women are more active in Facebook. In my FB account i have all kinds of persons. In this article i wish to introduce girlfriends of my Facebook. Here are the different types of girls of my FB.

5  Types of Girls in my Facebook - Facebook Girls

1) Hi-Bye Girls :
         There are some girls in my Facebook, they only send “Hi, How are you? Whatsup? …… Bye”. I would like to call them as Hi-Bye Girls. They do time pass only. They never take anybody and anything seriously. They could not discus any important topics with me. They always ask stupid questions about me and my future life. 
5  Types of Girls in my Facebook - Facebook Girls
2) GM-GN Girls :
        Some girls daily use to send only Good Morning and Good Night to me. They never chat with me for long time. Their chat is enough for Gm and Gn wishes. They are most lazy girls, because they have no time to type Good morning and Good night completely. They type like this way “gm, gn, gd mng, gd nt”. 

5  Types of Girls in my Facebook - Facebook Girls

3) Selfie Queens and Expose Experts :

          Some girls always take selfies with their lovely puppies and cats. They post these selfies in FB and tag me unnecessarily.  Most of them are single one. They don’t have any time pass boyfriends or full time lover. Some of such girls post their hot pics to impress boys. They are always stay online to search boyfriends. They are expert in posting semi nude pics. So i call them as Expose Experts. 

5  Types of Girls in my Facebook - Facebook Girls

4) Emoji Queens and Angry Birds :

         Very less number of girls are familiar to me personally. Majority of them are my classmates. They always try chat with me. They are the only real girls in my FB. They hit like to my every post but don’t comment. They share their opinion via messenger. They hesitate to comment publicly in comment box. I would like to call them as Emoji Queens and Angry Birds, because they send lot of emojis to express their feelings. They got angry very soon for silly things. They scold me oftenly when i late to reply them. They always compare me to SERVER, because i am always busy in my profession when they need me.  

5  Types of Girls in my Facebook - Facebook Girls

5) Fake Girls :  

           Some of girls of my FB are fake. Some boys and girls created FB account in the name of unknown girls, celebrities and cricketers to make more number of boyfriends. They demand for money and gifts. Even though they are married, they keep their status as “Single and available”. Anytime they post dirty pics. This is all about types of girls of my Facebook account. To me Lifebook friends are more important as compared to Facebook friends. Thanks for reading. Have fun and take care…

5  Types of Girls in my Facebook - Facebook Girls

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